Teaching Innovation Conference

I'm thrilled to let you know about a conference we are planning on Thursday, November 15th. Titled Teaching Innovation: giving children responsibility for their learning and our world, we have invited a number of speakers to share their ideas and practices surrounding the notion of responsibility for learning: how it looks, how we cultivate it, and what it means (see this flyer). Already, we have wonderful speakers from the world of early childhood and primary education committed to speak, and we hope and expect many more presentations to emerge from schools and educators all over. While the conference has been created for educators, we hope that if you would like to attend, you will sign up to do so. Related to this topic, please take 15 minutes to watch the video below. It illustrates what responsibility and ownership for learning look like in older children.  These high school students in the Berkshires created "The Independent Project," a student driven approach to learning that exists as a small school within their large high school. It's just 15 minutes, and you'll see the kind of self-assured, flexible, powerful and curious learners that result from student-driven curriculum once children have the tools for exploration of their worlds. The video was shared by Sam Chaltain, who will be speaking at our conference in November. Enjoy!

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