Middle School: Grades 6 – 8

Adolescents have enormous potential for courageous and creative work. In the middle school years, the human brain changes at a rate matched only by the first three years of life, and children's capacities are naturally strengthened. Blue School's middle school program is designed to harness the potential of adolescents to act on their ideas, pursue high levels of scholarship, and become more fully realized as people and learners. Middle schoolers participate in a variety of courses that combine the individualized, inquiry-based approach of our primary program with an intentional shift to greater depth of knowledge and research in core content areas. In grades 6 – 8, all courses are organized around "Ways of Thinking" and our dynamic balance between academic mastery, creative thinking, and self and social learning. Students in grades 6 – 8 take required courses in Mathematics, Integrated Studies (team taught Science & World History), Novels and Nonfiction, and a variety of arts disciplines. Additionally, students take STEAM, language, collective, and media literacy courses, as well as choosing electives and attending weekly office hours. A sample list of electives is included with our course descriptions and program offerings. All students will take module-based health and wellness and physical education courses throughout grades 6-8. 

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Integrated Studies

Novels & Nonfiction





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At Blue School, student-led Presentations of Learning are an opportunity for students to share, discuss, reflect on, and celebrate the work and learning they have done in Math, Integrated Studies, Novels & Nonfiction, and STEAM with an authentic audience of parents, educators, and content specialists.

During the presentations each student presents one or more pieces of work, teaches the guests content from their classes, demonstrates skills they have learned, and responds to questions from peers, teachers and guests. Through the work shared in Presentations of Learning students speak to a process of feedback and revision. Audience members are expected to carefully examine the work presented by students, ask questions that push their thinking, and provide kind, specific, honest, and helpful feedback.


All curriculum is organized by Blue School’s 'Ways of Thinking', which include: