Tours for Educators

We host monthly tours for educators during the school year.  

2019 – 20 Educator Tours are scheduled for Wednesdays from 9:30 am - 11:00 am:

  • October 2

  • November 6

  • December 4

  • January 22

  • February 12

  • March 18

  • April 22

  • May 13

Click here to sign up for an Educator Tour. 

An Educator Tour of Blue School is good for you if you are:

  • Educators wondering about Blue School for your students

  • A Pre-school director, admission or placement professional (in this case, please reach out directly to our Director of Admissions, Dawn Williams at dawn@blueschool.org)

  • Curious about Reggio inspired early childhood programs in NYC

  • Curious about documentation and its uses in pre-primary, primary

  • Curious about integrated STEAM programs

  • Thinking about the balance of Academic Mastery, Self and Social Intelligence, and Creative Thinking -- and how that shows up in a school

  • Wanting the experience of seeing the school in action, witnessing the work of the children and teachers together in the classroom

  • Interested in a materials based program for 2s and what materials work can look like in a preprimary setting

  • Wanting to see deep project work in primary and preprimary classrooms

  • Interested in assessment and the role of documentation and portfolio work

  • Interested in seeing how Math, Science and Literacy are integrated in an inquiry-based setting

  • Interested in integrated studio art, music, movement, STEAM, drama, etc.

To inquire about additional educator tour dates or to receive information about private group educator experiences, please email info@blueschool.org.