Moments Made Possible by the Annual Fund


Reimagine Learning Convening

Blue School's annual fund helps support teacher professional development and continued study. Here, 5th grade teacher, Carrie Klein lead a live learning experience, which she modeled on a classroom exercise. Reimagine Learning supports communities and schools in creating teaching and learning environments that unleash creativity and potential in all students - including and especially those who have been systematically underserved - to enable them to realize academic and life success. 


Discussions on Library Organization

Many friends in 3rdB took the initiative to organize their library, grouping books into categorized bins by genre, series, author, and subject. Everyone contributed by designing a label for each book bin. We've already begun enjoying the library during our daily cozy reads!


Making Connections Through Materials

With each passing day in 3C, the children strengthen their bonds to one another and to the new space they inhabit. Each material they interact with poses a question or allows for a new discovery, fueling investigations and collaborations throughout the classroom.

Throughout their explorations, paper evolves from being a passive material for drawing on to becoming an active participant in children's investigations and games. Its open-ended nature gives the children a sense of agency to create something new and encourages collaboration and connection as the children share strategies and discoveries with one another.

45A building.jpg

The children in 4/5A use all the hollow blocks on the terrace to make a vehicle large enough to fit all children. 

Children are masterful builders of community. In a moment when it seems ever important to reflect on how we foster empathy and democracy in education, we have decided to look toward the children to guide us in this blog post, and to unearth many of the gifts that they bring to us in this regard. We are so grateful to be on this journey with them and with you all and to begin to share our observations and research around the limitless possibilities of this strong, joyful, and dynamic group.

One of the many things we can learn from children about building community is the value of inclusivity. The children in 4/5A use all the hollow blocks on the terrace to make a vehicle large enough to fit all children. While moments of discomfort naturally arise at times when children are navigating their social world, the group's underlying commitment to taking care of each other leads to resolve and also organically smooth and fun choices in play.

Governors Island Teaching Garden

 For our first field trip the 2nd graders visited the Governors Island Teaching Garden. We used our five senses to explore this beautiful garden, harvested some vegetables, created and tasted a fresh vegetable salad, and learned about insect friends and foes of the garden.

We planted tomatoes and lettuce. Each child used a shovel to dig a deep hole and carefully placed each seedling into the soil. Then we learned how to tamp down the soil gently so that oxygen could still get to the roots. We watered the seedlings with just a little water, to give them a head start.

We learned that the color of fruits and vegetables can tell us what vitamins and nutrients they might contain. For example, yellow and orange foods have a lot of vitamin A and green foods have a lot of vitamin K. It is best to eat a rainbow of foods to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy body.


Blue School - NMK_9164.jpg

8th grade - STEAM Lab

8th grade began our year with our digital proficiency unit by taking on coding and graphic design. For our coding experience, we chose either to continue with block-based coding or to take on JavaScript, a text-based language critical to webpage building.

We also researched and developed our graphic design skills. We researched best practices in designing a flyer to convince or persuade people to code and then pushed our Google Doc skills to the max. Docs never looked so good! We also developed our critical eye and critiqued each other's work, offering helpful, honest, and kind feedback to support our subsequent drafts.


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