In-depth, integrated studies of science and world history oriented towards sustainability, change and innovation. In this writing and discussion intensive course, students will consult and analyze varied sources, discern individual viewpoints, wrestle with ambiguous or open-ended questions, and ask questions of their own. Projects, including an 8th grade capstone project, will allow students to identify and pursue original ideas, often with feedback from an authentic audience, and sometimes from experts in the field.


In this course, students will deepen interpretation skills, build a love of reading, and discover what it means to be deeply engaged and lost in a good text. Through analyzing text and studying the craft, students will be exposed to rich models for their own writing. Throughout the course students will write and revise, and give and receive feedback. We will focus on informational writing, argumentative essays, opinion pieces, poetry, and narrative writing.


Successful mathematicians continuously expand their content knowledge and mathematical habits. Therefore, throughout the sequence of middle school mathematics courses, students will learn through a combination of inquiry projects, mathematical proofs, and skill practice. We will ask students to solve problems independently and collaboratively, share feedback, and revise their work in order to more effectively attend to precision and communicate their mathematical reasoning.

In this course focusing on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) disciplines, students will learn the essential ingredients for turning big ideas into tangible projects. This workshop will provide time to build skills, participate in design challenges, use high and low tech tools, and practice inventing, engineering and creating with the guidance of a mentor teacher. Students will learn production for production’s sake and also for applying the ideas generated through Integrated Studies.


Small groups of students will meet with a faculty advisor to focus on self understanding, making good choices, negotiating relationships, deepening personal interests, and orienting for a growth mindset and academic courage. In 6th grade, students will also undertake a collective leadership initiative i.e. service learning, student-created anthology, or a local sustainability project. In 7th and 8th grade, students will participate in activities and discussions around social justice that include bias, discrimination, and tolerance.


 In 7th and 8th grade, students choose courses called Intensives based on interest that are taught by members of our faculty based on their areas of interest and accomplishment. These courses are aimed at achieving mastery rather than achieving a superficial understanding of one area. For a list of potential Intensives, click here (coming soon!).