Lunch Program

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are excited to again offer a lunch program through Butter Beans. Butter Beans offers kid tested, parent approved lunch options to satisfy both picky and adventurous eaters as well as choices for students who have food allergies or dietary restrictions. To learn more about lunch options and pricing, please look over this letter from Butter Beans or visit http://butterbeanskitchen.com.

October 2019 - 241 Water Street Menu

October 2019 - 241 Water Street - Cold Bar Menu

September 2019 - 241 Water Street Menu

September 2019 - 241 Water Street - Cold Bar Menu

Kids love the variety of delicious, homemade foods we offer ­­such as turkey tacos, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, chicken tikka masala, pizza and much, much more ­­and with nearly two dozen items to choose from on our cold bar, like yogurt with homemade granola, fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, sandwiches, pickles, specialty salads and condiments, they're sure to find something they love. We even serve weekly sweet treats like brownies or cookies, every Friday!

Parents love Butter Beans because we serve a variety of entrees, with both meat and vegetarian options. Our lunch options are prepared from fresh, whole foods that offer a well balanced meal, with no high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial colors or flavors, trans­fats or preservatives, and meats that are hormone, antibiotic and nitrate free. We also offer nutrition education right in the lunchroom via informational menu with allergen information, monthly seasonal food tabletops, and seasonal recipe cards.

To enroll, use the form located at http://butterbeanskitchen.com/blueschoolform/ to learn more and sign up.