Letter From Our Founders

When my partners and I created Blue Man Group in 1988, we had no idea that our journey would lead us to start a formal educational program. Today, in collaboration with our partners and with the motivation of our own children, plus the children in our expanding community, launching and running the Blue School has become our passion.

Blue Man Group started as an outrageous idea: We wanted to inspire creativity in both our audiences and ourselves. We wanted to speak "up" to the intelligence of our audience members while reaching "in" to their childlike innocence. We wanted to create a special kind of organization, a place where people continually learn and grow and treat each other with just a little more consideration than is usually evident out in the "real world." We wanted to recombine influences to create something new. And we wanted to have a good time doing it.

The basic mission and values of Blue Man Group have transferred remarkably well to an educational setting. We have created an educational program where creativity is cherished and encouraged and where children fall in love with the joy of learning. We have created a healthy, warm, safe, nurturing environment where community is paramount and where children's interactions between classes is just as important as what happens during classes. We have created the kind of educational program we wish we'd had for ourselves and dreamed we'd have for our children -- a place where people feel like there is genuinely no better place to learn and to grow.

In building our program, we remove the kinds of educational practices that we believe are not working so well and amp up the "best practices" and innovations that we believe have great promise. We draw from powerful influences, old and new, and recombine these influences with cutting-edge research and a few of our own flourishes to create something the world has never seen. And like Blue Man Productions, we want to have a good time doing it.

Since first establishing our parent run playgroup in 2006, we have been awed and humbled by the enormity of this project and have been blown away by how far it has come so quickly. In undertaking a project of the magnitude of Blue School, we realized that we needed to balance our outsider's perspective with that of experts from inside the field. To that end, we assembled a team of inspired educators to help us realize our vision.

We attract families who believe a new approach to education is within our grasp.  Our path is not easy, and it requires an enormous amount of resourcefulness, will and commitment from all involved -- teachers, parents, children and administrators -- but we believe we are creating a special school like no other.  If you want to be part of turning this vision into reality, then please come join us.

Matt Goldman

Co-Founder, Blue School & Blue Man Group
(on behalf of Co-Founders Renee Rolleri, Phil Stanton, Jennifer Stanton, Chris Wink, and Jen Wink Hays)