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Blue School My BackPack Parent User Guide

Logging in for the first time

A. If you know your user name:

  • Go to My BackPack and click on the "I Forgot My User Name/Password" link at the bottom of the left hand side in gray type
  • Enter your user name, reset your password and check your email to receive and use the reset password link
  • Change your password to something you can easily remember (tip: My BackPack and Magnus Health user names are the same, so if you've already set up one, you can make things easier for yourself by using the same password for both accounts)

B. If you do not know your user name, email Lauren Miller at lauren@blueschool.org to request it. Then follow the steps under part A above.

Reviewing and Editing Your Profile

Under Settings click My Profile.

When you arrive at the My Profile screen, you will see your name, home address, email address, telephone number, work address, and any other biographical information that you may have provided in your application, along with the same information listed for any other adult in your household.

To make changes, click on the blue Edit button located in the top right corner. Edit any incorrect info or add additional addresses or contact numbers you would like to provide to the school. 
If you prefer not to share certain information with other families, follow the below steps. 

First, please do NOT click the checkbox directly under the letters DNP (do not publish) next to your name. Clicking this box will hide all of your information including your name from the Family Directory. 

Instead, look for the checkboxes next to each line of information. Please use these individual boxes if you do not want certain information published in the directory. For example, if you wish to remove your residential address from the directory, please check the boxes next to Address 1 and City/State. If you would prefer not to share your email address or phone number with other families, check the boxes next to your email address and phone number. Please do NOT click the checkbox next to Residential Address. This will similarly hide your name from the directory.

When you are done with your changes, make sure to click the blue Save button at the top of the page.

If you need help editing your profile, please contact Lauren Miller, Operations Coordinator at lauren@blueschool.org or 212 228 6341 x124.


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