Families Association

The Blue School Families Association provides parents with their own organization within Blue School to foster community and support the school in its mission. Blue School was founded by a group of families that wanted to create a school for families in their community and beyond. In that same spirit, the Blue School Family Association was formed as a vital partner to the School community.

Our mission is to:

  • Support the educational mission and objectives of the School

  • Strengthen the connection between home and school to assist parents in their goal in being an active participant in the education of their children in our community and beyond.

  • Build a strong community among families

  • Facilitate communication between all members of the community

  • Encourage volunteerism that supports the School’s goals and initiatives

  • Foster a deeper understanding of the research and philosophy that informs the educational framework of Blue School.


The FA documents below provide an overview of our goals, description & organization to impart information about our ongoing mission and efforts.