Our Families

Joining Blue School means joining a group of warm, engaged parents. Each year, we learn together, make connections, and play together as an essential part of school life. Family events include class potlucks, discussion groups, community gatherings and meet ups. Families see each other at drop off and pick up, at Community Meetings and 3s Family Sings, at Middle School Presentations of Learning, and at Primary Program Open Classroom.


Our Families Association serves to support the mission and vision of the school as well as to make connections between and among our vibrant community of adults. All Blue School parents are welcome to attend Families Association meetings and to collaborate on event planning. For more information, visit our Families Association page.


Families Learning Together

At Blue School, we place a great deal of value on adult learning. We are committed to the public purpose that reaches beyond our walls, as well as to partnering and engaging with you in a dialogue about your child's education. During the year, we invite parents to join discussion groups, roundtables, and other events to continue the dialogue. Below is a summary of this year's offerings. Subscribe to our Parent Calendar to add these dates and others to your calendar app. 

Discussion Groups with Head of School, Gina Farrar.

Please see the Parent Calendar for morning coffees with Gina. These opportunities for conversation about Blue School, education, community are open to all Blue School parents.

Conversations with Alice Mangan, PhD, M.S., and Harriet Richards, Child Development Specialist

These Wednesday morning sessions are organized in a flexible manner to allow for free form conversations around the needs of parents and children as they arise. Dates and topics will be announced as the year progresses.

Parent Roundtables

Parent Roundtables take place on Wednesday mornings.  Please check the Parent Calendar to see details for each session. Roundtable topics include: Early Literacy, Math Thinking, High School Placement, How Children are Challenged.  Division Directors, Child Development Specialists and teachers are frequent presenters and facilitators at Parent Roundtables.

Blue Notes

This speaker series is aimed at generating insights about the future of education. Speakers are invited to share knowledge and experience from their disciplines, and speak to what their discoveries bring to the education dialogue. These events are held in the evening and are often open to the public.

Parent Affinity Groups

Cross-Divisional Parent Affinity Groups at Blue School are intended to promote a sense of belonging for all of our community members by increasing formal and informal points of meaningful connection across and within the community.  Affinity Groups are generally organized around specific dimensions of members’ identities and experiences, especially those that are generally under-represented or frequently mis-represented in dominant culture(s) and discourse(s).  These groups are initially organized and facilitated by a Blue School staff or faculty member whose facilitative role recedes as parents themselves begin to set the course for the group(s).  The frequency and timing for meetings as well as the particular format, activity or topic varies according to the needs of the group.

We hope that these Parent Affinity Groups will help to forge deeper bonds and supportive networks between parents and families across all divisions, and further reinforce and grow our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.

Groups that have been active at the school include:

LGBTQ+  Parents and Families Affinity Group: This group includes parents (or parents of children) who identify as LGBTQ+.  

Parents and Families of Color Affinity Group: This group includes parents of color and/or parents whose children and/or partner is of color.

International Parents and Families Affinity Group: This group includes parents from families where at least one member is originally from or formerly affiliated with a country other than the United States.

Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities and Differences Affinity Group: This group is open to parents whose children have diagnosed learning disabilities or experience some particular struggle with aspects of learning that may not carry a diagnosis.