Our Families

Joining Blue School means joining a group of dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial professionals and parents. Each year, we learn together, make connections, and play together as an essential part of school life. Family events each year include discussion groups, community gatherings and meet ups, and more formal events as well. Our Families Association serves to support the mission and vision of the school as well as to make connections between and among our vibrant community of adults.


Families Association

Blue School Families Association has the following goals:

  • support the educational mission and objectives of Blue School
  • strengthen the connection between home and school
  • assist parents in being active participants the school community
  • build a strong community among families
  • facilitate effective communication between all members of the Blue School community
  • foster a deeper understanding of the educational framework of Blue School

We value:

  • collaboration and collegiality in all our efforts
  • mindfulness and reflection
  • mutual respect and warmth among all members of the Blue School community
  • creating a community that is inclusive, constructive, joyful, and celebrates each individual