At Blue School, collaboration is more than an educational method.

It’s a way of life in our community. We see the very nature of education as a collaborative effort between parent, school, teacher, and child, and our deep appreciation of this partnership is at the core of who we are and how we learn.

Kindergarteners explore the art & science of color


AT A GLANCE: In this video, our kindergarteners experiment with color mixing and descibe their process as they go. Children are joyfully and creatively engaged and fearlessly articulating their learning.

A CLOSER LOOK: Present but perhaps less visible, children are also working toward understanding and internalizing primary colors and what they do when mixed, applying the concepts (recipe) in other contexts, managing the unexpected, practicing the scientific method (hypothesis, experimentation, research), establishing the basic foundations for chemistry, managing their bodies and reactions, and working with others towards a shared goal.

OF NOTE: This video was created to serve as a multi-dimensional assessment tool. As part of their daily practice, teachers record student work in many different forms, and then review it together with the children to determine next steps for learning. Through this process, students learn to evaluate their own academic and social-emotional progress.

Rising middle schoolers inventing a new game

I had never seen a group of kids play like this. They’re solving interpersonal issues, sharing, being nice to each other, coming up with awesome games. They’re not learning these sophisticated social skills by accident. –Blue School parent


"The Power of Collaborative Learning” - Edutopia
A case study with relevant research on the correlation between collaborative learning and student success.

HBR - “Getting Collaboration Right”
The skills our students learn have far-reaching relevance. Workplaces value, implement, and balance the need for collaboration.The skills our students learn have far-reaching relevance. Innovation is a “team sport,” as evidenced in this article by Pixar Animation Studios.