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Blue Note: Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

  • Blue School 241 Water Street New York, NY, 10038 United States (map)


Immordino-Yang studies the psychological and neurobiological bases of social emotion, self-awareness and culture and their implications for learning, development and schools. She is an Associate Professor of Education, Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Southern California. A former junior high school science teacher, she earned her doctorate at Harvard University in 2005 and completed her postdoctoral training with Antonio Damasio at the Brain and Creativity Institute in 2008.

Hosted by Blue School and Bank Street Education Center. $25.00/ticket

Please join us for a Blue Note talk by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang titled "Rest is not idleness in the brain: Insights for educators from neuroscientific research on social emotion and self".

Social emotions like admiration and compassion shape how we think and act, who we become, and how we experience our own lives. Studies of these emotions’ neurobiological underpinnings also reveal important insights about the nature of deep learning and how social experience shapes intellectual development. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang will present her research on the neurobiology and psychology of emotional feelings, including their deep visceral roots in the feeling and regulation of the body and consciousness, their propensity to heighten one’s own subjective sense of self-awareness and purpose, and their connections to memory, cultural learning and the development of interests and expertise. Her studies underscore the fundamental interdependence of emotion and cognition, and the necessity of understanding students’ humanity to optimally support their academic excellence.



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