Communication With Families

How can I learn about my own child?

  • Informal conversations and check-ins with teachers

  • Planned meetings and email exchanges with teachers

  • Conferences with teachers (Fall & Spring)

  • Mid-year narrative reports (for 3s and 4 / 5s in February)

  • End-of-year narrative reports (for 2s through 4 / 5s in June)

How can I learn about group experiences and what’s happening in the classroom?

  • Emails from teachers

  • Blogs posts about group experiences that highlight their importance and meaning – your child may not show up in every post, but still may be a part of this experience. Teachers have checklists and systems for making sure that every child is represented over time.

  • Documentation in the classroom and hallways that reflect meaningful stories and investigations

  • Class books – e.g., about experiences the group has had together

  • Being in the classroom (when possible) at arrival or pick-up and for special events