Annual Fund

The Blue School Annual Fund is an essential contributor to the overall school budget. The Annual Fund creates immediate opportunities for tuition assistance, faculty support and the student experience. In essence, your gift to the Annual Fund is what helps make Blue School… well, Blue.

In addition to providing critical operating resources, our Annual Fund supports programming that aids our students in becoming adaptable thinkers, collaborative problem solvers and innovative change-makers. 

Like all independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the expenses associated with each child’s education. We rely on fundraising to bridge this gap.


Where Blue School revenue comes from:

Tuition = 90%

The majority of the Blue School budget comes from tuition

Other = 5%

Blue School supplements our income with other opportunities such as renting our facilities to summer camp organizations

Fundraising = 5%

The difference between our revenue and our expenses represents 5% of our overall budget. This is the gap fundraising covers. These essential funds are raised from families, friends, foundations, faculty and staff, along with community members

Where our Blue School budget is allocated:

Program services = 72%

This is the cost of educating your children -- the faculty and the facilities, the security and the utilities

In addition to all of the expenses associated with running an integrated educational program, this money covers our commitment to provide top level teaching staff, multiple teachers per class, specialists, small class sizes, and Learning Center support. It also ensures our teaching staff has time dedicated to collaboration and discussion regarding every single child’s progress.

Tuition Assistance = 21%

This is the cost of creating and maintaining the vibrant, dynamic community we love so much. According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the median Financial Aid for independent schools in NYC as a percentage of budget expense is 14.6%.

Approximately 1/3 of Blue School families receive some level of tuition assistance. According to the NAIS, the average percentage of families receiving tuition assistance in NYC independent schools is 21.2%.

Management & General = 7%

These are administrative costs to keeping the school functioning

Where our Annual Fund dollars go:

Our Annual Fund dollars cover the gap between revenue and expenses. We focus these dollars on enhancing your student’s experience in the following ways:


By joining together as a community, we can ensure Blue School provides the educational experience we want for our students.

Please make your contribution to the Annual Fund today! You can: 

  • Donate online.

  • Write a check (made out to Blue School) and give it to any member of the Advancement Team on the 5th floor. You can also mail your check to:

    Blue School Advancement

    241 Water Street

    New York, NY 10038

  • Gifting your appreciated stock shares. The tax planning benefits of donating appreciated shares of stock or a fund include 1) deducting the amount of the charitable donation AND 2) avoiding the unrealized gains on the appreciated shares. We’re happy to guide you through the process if you have any questions on how to donate to the school. Please contact David Levin (DavidL@blueschool.org).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who gives to the Blue School Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a full community effort -- parents, Grandfriends, staff and faculty all give to the Annual Fund. Community partners and friends of Blue School also contribute. It takes a concerted and collective effort to realize the ultimate goal of providing a dynamically balanced education for every one of our students.

Why does Blue School need to collect for an Annual Fund?

All not-for-profit independent schools face the same challenge -- to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of a student’s education. Blue School relies on fundraising to fill this gap, which represents 5% of our budget.

Is my Annual Fund gift tax deductible?

Yes, it is. You may list your Annual Fund contribution as a tax deduction.

Does Blue School have an endowment?

No, as a young school, Blue School does not yet have an endowment.

Is the Annual Fund more important than the Spring Benefit? Or vice versa?

The Blue School community at large is asked to participate in fundraising efforts twice per year. 100% participation from all families with both the Annual Fund and the Spring Benefit are equally important.

What is the typical amount given for the Annual Fund?

All gifts, no matter the size, make a difference. We appreciate every contribution. We encourage you to make a donation that is the right amount for your family. For reference, according to NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools), the average gift per student in NYC is $2,548. At Blue School, Annual Fund gifts range from $100 to $100,000. Again, we hope you will contribute what is right for you. Most importantly, we ask that everyone participates. It takes the entire community to create the education we envision for our students.

Where does the money go?

The Annual Fund monies are allocated to the following areas -- Integrated Co-curricular Programming, Tuition Assistance, Experienced & Inspired Faculty, and Engaging Academic Program.

How can I give a matching gift from my employer?

Many companies match contributions made by an employee or an employee’s spouse. We encourage you to inquire if your employer has a matching gift program. If so, you can double your impact! Check here to see if your company matches your donation. Your company will supply you with the proper forms to submit. You can share them with the Advancement Office at Blue School, and as the donor, you will receive credit for the total gift amount.

Thank you for your donation to the Blue School Annual Fund!


Questions about donating? Contact the Advancement Team: