Families Learning Together

At Blue School, we place a great deal of value on adult learning. We are committed to the public purpose that reaches beyond our walls, as well as to partnering and engaging with you in a dialogue about your child's education. During the year, we invite parents to join discussion groups, roundtables, and other events to continue the dialogue. Below is a summary of this year's offerings. Subscribe to our Parent Calendar to add these dates and others to your calendar app.

Discussion Groups with Head of School, Gina Farrar.

Readings will be sent to the community prior to the discussion groups, which will take place on Wednesdays in alternating morning and evening times. Session topics and dates are forthcoming. 

Consultations with Dr. Bruce Arnold, School Psychologist, and Harriet Richards, Child Development Specialist

These Wednesday morning sessions are organized in a flexible manner to allow for free form conversations around the needs of parents and children as they arise. Dates and topics will be announced as the year progresses.


These are almost all grade-level oriented sessions led by Patricia Lynch and Laura Sedlock, Primary and Pre-primary Program Directors. Roundtables are organized so that parents can attend and hear specifically about their child's grade level. These will be held mostly in the evenings and teachers may be in attendance. Childcare will be provided for evening sessions. Session dates and topics are forthcoming.

Blue Notes

A speaker series aimed at generating insights about the future of education. Speakers are invited to share knowledge and experience from their disciplines, and speak to what their discoveries bring to the education dialogue. These events are held in the evening and will also be open to the public.