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As Blue School is an active player in the critical undertaking to reimagine education, the audacity of our mission requires confidence and courage to partner, give and build in many ways.

Many have acknowledged that our children’s future will likely be marked by environmental, economic and civic challenges. We need to align our education with the goals we have for our collective global future. Scientists and educators know that many of society’s current educational practices actually hamper the development of natural curiosity, innovation, confidence, courage and compassion in children. Blue School believes these are the very qualities our future leaders and citizens need to possess in order to develop a more sustainable and harmonious world. 

The promise of Blue School is to integrate, develop and share an approach to education that launches our next generation of changemakers through their ability to think flexibly, build relationships, work collaboratively, face complexity and act boldly. As Jenny Anderson of The New York Times describes, “...the school has become a kind of national laboratory for integrating cognitive neuroscience and cutting-edge educational theory into curriculum, professional development and school design.” 

Because tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Blue School education, we rely on the generosity of parents, friends and community partners to provide the support necessary to balance the annual operating budget and to fuel our growth, including our commitment to enrolling children who are eligible for Tuition Assistance.

Please join us in our effort to give children everywhere the opportunity to develop into compassionate, creative and innovative thinkers equipped with the skills to build a harmonious and sustainable world! 

To make a gift, donate online or contact Blakely Braniff at blakely@blueschool.org or 212 228 6341 x113.

Donate Now