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What matters in an education that is worthy of the lives our children will live? Worthy of the world we want them to live in?

Our founders, board and faculty pose questions like these at the center of our work to build a more sustainable and harmonious world. What if, they ask, a school could speak up rather than down to the intellects of children? What if a school's curriculum could be built from children's questions and wonderings about the world, built on our human and natural desire to create and do? What if we could develop educational practices that foster -- instead of hamper -- creativity and innovation? What if, freed from the what-has-always-beens that hold some schools back, and from the standardized testing that has paralyzed our nation's discourse and practice, a school could launch the inventors, artists, and changemakers who would act boldly and courageously in the face of a changing world?  What if we could align learning in school with the kinds of lives our children are likely to lead? The kind of lives we hope for?

Blue School is a daily pursuit of these questions. When I walk our light-filled hallways and see our 4th graders discussing the nuances of evolution and revolution then and now, Kindergarteners installing Goldsworthy-inspired art in our hallways, 2nd graders preparing to present their history of the Seaport to a community board hearing, I know we have unearthed a secret that many have spoken about but not enough  experience: powerful, deep learning is joyful. When I see our teachers studying children's work together, celebrating our scientists as well as our innocents and artists, trying new practices and pushing themselves and our students beyond their comfort zones, I see our promises live. 

Simply, we believe fiercely in the undeniable capacity of children, and work alongside our students to unleash their powers of discovery, investigation, and creativity. Spanning the foundational first decade of life, the Blue School education provides for a rich and unique range of integrated academic, social, and artistic experiences. Blue School nurtures a fertile imagination, a keen intellect, a big heart and an insatiable passion for learning.

I hope you will linger here to take a look inside our classrooms and read what others say in the New York Times or on CNN's The Next List, but even more, I hope you will come visit us at 241 Water Street to see our community at work. You can sign up for an Admissions tour here, attend a public event, or email info@blueschool.org to request more information about our school.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 


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Allison Gaines Pell

Head of School