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Every day at Blue School, we dynamically balance the three essentials of a complete education: academic mastery, creative thinking, and self & social intelligence. How do we do it? Some of our methods have been around for centuries. Others spring from the latest breakthroughs in science and education. All draw upon the creative, animating spark of our Blue Man DNA, the expertise and insight of our masterful teachers, and the intrinsic curiosity and fresh perspective that each child brings.

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Our Purpose

Reimagine education for a changing world.

Our Vision

Communities of creative, joyful, compassionate learners who use courageous and innovative thinking to build a harmonious and sustainable world.

Our Mission

To develop and share an inquiry-based approach to education that fosters creativity, promotes academic excellence, nurtures human relationships and inspires a growing passion for learning.


Our Values

Creativity and Expression:

We believe that creative expression is a basic human need. We are dedicated to connecting children with their ability to create and to express themselves. By helping them access their innate creativity and expression, we believe children will become intrinsically motivated to learn and more fully engaged in life.


Family and Community Connection:

At the core of Blue School is a belief in the partnership between family and school in the endeavor to raise children. We help children flourish by providing opportunities for deep human connections to permeate all aspects of their lives. Our educational approach supports children in practicing mutual respect, cooperation, leadership, mentoring, listening, personal integrity, valuing differences, and conflict resolution. We help foster the social skills children need to thrive in the relationships they form throughout their lives.


Global and Environmental Action:

We believe that global citizens in the 21st century have an unprecedented responsibility to create and implement necessary change. From their connection to the environment to their relationships to different cultures, our students have opportunities to discover who they are and recognize other perspectives, building a strong connection to self and others. They connect with and learn from nature and explore our planet's ecosystems and how humans influence them.


Multiple Perspectives and Differentiated Learning Styles:

Humans learn, develop, and perceive the world in different ways. We believe students should be supported accordingly. To this end, we carefully observe and assess each child's individual interests and needs, then use this information to guide our teaching. Because we know that learning comes most naturally when driven by children's interests, we adapt instruction to the learning styles of each child, while mindful of our shared goals. Learning subject matter from different perspectives supports the cognitive development of each child's brain, and helps them become more flexible and critical thinkers.


Playfulness, Exuberance, and Fun:

Children construct some of their most important learning through play. We believe that joy, engagement and relatedness increase the possibility for learning and creativity, and are required for rigorous and powerful educational experiences. The value of play, as it moves from the dramatic play areas of the 3s program to play with language and project work in the 5th grade, is an integral part of our program. At Blue School, play is one of the ways children express themselves, process new topics and ideas, and form relationships.


Self-Awareness and Well-Being:

It is critical for children to develop a profound sense of self, which we believe involves considering and understanding their own learning processes, social skills, and strategies for well-being. We support children in our program in becoming aware of how their bodies and thought processes connect to a personal sense of health, efficacy, and resilience. We help them to be open-minded, reflective, curious, and balanced. Our aim is to instill a passion for personal growth and wellness that lasts a lifetime.