On Thinking: A Blue School Teaching Innovation Conference
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On Thinking: A Blue School Teaching Innovation Conference

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What if school was truly a place for thinking? This idea may sound
obvious, but organizing classrooms around types and amounts of thinking has
profound implications for learning.  This practice could begin to reshape education.  
Inspired by the work of the Cultures of Thinking project, we invite educators to
come together who are interested in using thinking as an organizing practice
in learning. 

Keynote by Ron Ritchhart, author of Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 forces we must master to truly transform our schools

Other confirmed speakers:

Rhonda Bondie, Fordham University

Doug Knecht, Bank Street Education Center

Susan Engel, author of Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood 

Jake Wiznerauthor of Worth Writing About: Exploring Memoir with Adolescents

Shirley McPhillips, author of Poem Central: Word Journeys with Readers and Writers

Katie Cunningham, author of Story: Still the Heart of Literacy Learning

Discussion Questions:
Which thinking oriented practices
are common in classrooms? 

What ideas and structures have to
exist to support this orientation? 

What communications are necessary to
ensure community understanding? 
What are the benefits? 

How does the learner’s orientation
 change in this type of environment? 

What are specific assessments that
ensure prioritizing of thinking? 

How is a culture of thinking aligned with
larger goals for education? 

Blue School strives to fulfill a public purpose by bringing public and independent educators together to explore applications of research (current and potential) from the domains of education, neuroscience and psychology.

We are currently sold out for the event.  If you'd like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact info@blueschool.org.  Thank you.


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Harvest Fest

It's time to RSVP for Harvest Fest. Please visit this link to let us know what you plan to bring for the potluck and if you will enter the pie contest. There is a suggested donation of $5 per family ($7 at the door). We still have lots of parent volunteer slots open for each activity. Please find your grade or preferred activity below and click to sign up. Location: Fulton Square.

2's (Pumpkin Decorating): http://vols.pt/nc9XT7

3's (Makers Table): http://vols.pt/cmggAb

4/5's (Lantern Making): http://vols.pt/o5aneq

K's (Nature Crafts): http://vols.pt/GT7TSh

1st grade (Toy Painting): http://vols.pt/o6zUb6

2nd grade (Food): http://vols.pt/Q2jsxH

3rd grade (Costume Making): http://vols.pt/BEdGD9

4th grade (Donuts on a String): http://vols.pt/VDeQBx

5th grade (Pie Contest): http://vols.pt/HpRdLj

6th grade (Games): http://vols.pt/fXH4Qg

Family Welcome Night
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Family Welcome Night

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Please join us for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to celebrate the launch of the 2015-2016 school year (and our TENTH anniversary) on October 1 at 5:45 PM. ALL families are invited to join us to hear from Allison and others about the coming year and meet other Blue School families.  There will be a fun craft activity for all who wish to partake, so we hope you can make it, meet new people and enjoy each other's company. RSVP below, if you are planning on attending.

Childcare will be provided. To reserve a spot for your child, please click the button below. Childcare drop off will begin at 5:30. Please note: childcare is only available for children currently enrolled at Blue School.

Jun 24

Structured Word Inquiry Workshop with Peter Bowers

  • Blue School

Join Peter Bowers, PhD, Founder of WordWorks, for this engaging, practical, three-day workshop. Learn how teachers and tutors around the world apply the principles of scientific inquiry to the study of English spelling to build vocabulary, reading and spelling knowledge -- and also as leverage for learning in any subject area. Open to educators of all ages and abilities.


Blue School presents: Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D.
6:30 pm18:30

Blue School presents: Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D.

  • Blue School

A special book signing event with Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation, and human potential, and a Blue School Advisory Board member. Featuring Robinson's newest book, Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education, co-authored with Lou Aronica (Viking; April 21, 2015).

Watch the full video here.

Blue Note: Larry Cohen PhD
6:30 pm18:30

Blue Note: Larry Cohen PhD

  • Blue School

A special event with psychologist and long-time Blue School Advisory Board member Dr. Larry Cohen for his newest book The Opposite of Worry (Random House, September 2013). 

Blue Note: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
5:30 pm17:30

Blue Note: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

  • Blue School

Neuropsychiatrist and Blue School Advisory Board member Dr. Dan Siegel will share insights from his latest research and newest book Brainstorm, an inside-out guide to the emerging adolescent mind. He will illuminate the changes in the brain during adolescence and explore practical ways parents can approach this important time of life to make the most of relationships and development.