Board of Trustees


Renee Rolleri, Board Chair, Co-Founder

Renee Rolleri received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons School of Design in 1992, a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt University in 2001. Renee is currently enrolled at New York University in the Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Culture and Education Program with a special focus on child development and art therapy. Since completing her graduate degree in art therapy, Renee has worked with the Joan Fenichel Therapeutic Nursery School, the NYU Child Study Center, the Jewish Board for Family Services, and the Partnership for After School Education as a clinician and art therapist. Inspired by the joy of working with children and families and becoming a parent herself, Renee co-founded Blue School with her partners to bring the unique qualities that Blue Man Group offers children and families into an educational environment.

Matt Goldman, Board Vice Chair, Co-Founder

Matt Goldman attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts where he received a Bachelor in Economics followed by a Masters in Business Administration/Marketing. He was also involved in Clark athletics, playing varsity soccer and coaching a women's club team. Upon graduation from Clark, Matt was invited to join Omni Resources, a startup software services company. He remained there for seven years, producing educational and business software packages for clients that included CBS, Simon & Schuster, Grolier, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Bantam Books and Prodigy. While at Omni, Matt formed a partnership with longtime friends Chris Wink and Phil Stanton. The three created Blue Man Group, which opened Off-Broadway at the Astor Place Theatre in 1991 and continues to play there today. Throughout their long association, Matt, Chris, and Phil have been fascinated by the interconnections between learning, creativity and community; and how, combined with new teaching techniques, the educational experience can be enhanced. It is this interest that led them to start Blue School.

Eric Huang, Board Secretary 

Eric Huang is an attorney with the law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, specializing in intellectual property litigation. A former engineer with a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and a law degree from George Washington University, Eric counsels and represents a diverse range of international clients in intellectual property disputes in federal courts nationwide. He and his wife Tanja Norwood have a daughter in the 4th grade at Blue School.

David Beal, Board Member

David Beal is a strategic management consultant with clients ranging from leading corporate brands to small Nano Cap companies. His current projects span several industries including media and entertainment, mobile gaming, and natural resources. Formerly, David served as the President of National Geographic Entertainment, the President of Palm Pictures and the CEO of Blue Tape.  Currently David maintains his role as a Director of the TV/Film production company Noise Production Inc. and serves on the Advisory Board of Andover Games and the Board of Directors of Folio House Inc in addition to serving on Blue School's Board of Trustees. Most recently, David has teamed up with artist Gregory Colbert on Gregory’s latest endeavor, “Island of Songs.”

In addition to his corporate experience, David's early artistic endeavors included film and music production, performing with artists such as Joe Cocker, Julian Lennon, Madonna, and Peter Gabriel, and co-producing the Grammy-nominated “Theme From Mission: Impossible” with U2’s Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton.

Currently, David lives in New York City with his wife and has two daughters enrolled at Blue School, one in the 4s and one in the 1st grade.

Lisa Kaye, Board Member

Lisa Kaye is a founding member of the Blue School community. Her daughter enrolled in the school’s lead class at its inception. Lisa grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and received her education in South Africa, Israel and New York City, receiving a BFA in Film and Television from NYU. She founded a business in London, designing sleepwear and home goods manufactured in India utilizing traditional crafts and the skilled work of local craftspeople. Upon returning to New York, Lisa opened a jewelry company, and designed jewelry handmade in India. The values Lisa shares with Blue School - her love of the arts, her sense of community and her belief that all children deserve the type of education that Blue School provides - are what make being part of the school community such a privilege for Lisa.

David Rock, Board Member

David Rock lives between New York and his hometown of Sydney, Australia. David coined the term NeuroLeadership and co-founded the NeuroLeadership Institute. The purpose of the Neuroleadership Institute is to encourage, generate, and share neuroscience research that transforms how people think, develop, and perform. David is CEO of NeuroLeadership Group, a global human performance consultancy that draws on the latest findings in neuroscience in consulting with organizations. He is the author of four books, including 2009 best-seller Your Brain at Work. David is on the faculty and advisory board of CIMBA, an international business school based in Europe. He is a guest lecturer at Oxford University's Said Business School. David's work has been featured in global publications, including BusinessWeek (USA), The Guardian (UK) and the Globe & Mail (Canada). David is passionate about improving learning and the way people collaborate; and spends much of his time talking to neuroscientists about how the brain works to help translate their findings for every day usage. He has two young daughters with wife Lisa Rock. Their daughters attend Blue School while living in NYC for few months every year.

Jennifer Lamberts Stanton, Board Member, Co-Founder

Jennifer Lamberts Stanton moved to New York from Texas after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Dance Performance, at Southern Methodist University. After performing with a number of dance companies and regional theaters, she found herself on the Broadway stage. Jennifer has also pursued acting and performed in off broadway and off off broadway plays. Since becoming a mother, her desire to give her own children an educational experience like no other has been at the forefront. In 2006, she and her soulmate, Phil joined long time friends, Jen, Chris, Renee and Matt in founding Blue School.     

Jen Graffam Wink, Board Member, Co-Founder

Jen Graffam Wink is an artist and graphic designer. Originally from coastal Maine, Jen moved to New York City to attend Barnard College where she majored in Modern Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts. After working in a directorial role with Blue Man Group and as a designer at the Village Voice, Jen went on to create Utility Design, a New York City graphic design studio. In subsequent years, she received an Ace Award, an SPD editorial design award and had her work published in numerous design anthologies and periodicals. After scaling back professionally to become a mother, Jen's search for a worthy, resonant educational path for her children brought her lifelong pursuit of creative expression and collaboration back to the fore. In 2006, Jen co-founded Blue School with dear friends and partners Renee, Matt, Jennifer, Phil; and husband Chris.

Philip Stanton, Co-Founder, Founding Board Member

Philip Stanton is a graduate of public schools and Evangel College of Arts and Sciences in Springfield, Missouri. Philip received a Bachelor of Arts in 1983 from Evangel College with a double major in Religious Studies and Theatre Arts. At Evangel College, Philip discovered the joys of theatrical performance and the power of the arts to ignite the imagination and celebrate the human experience. Though Philip felt immediately at home in New York City and knew he had followed the right path, it was not until he met Chris Wink on his first assignment as a waiter for the catering firm Glorious Food, and soon thereafter Wink’s long-time friend Matt Goldman, that Philip found the endeavor that would incorporate the interests and influences he’d had throughout his life. The three began work on Blue Man Group -- a celebration of the human spirit through music, science, art, and theatre -- which has allowed them the freedom to express themselves in a variety of media, with few limitations. Having been given such generous opportunities in life to learn and explore, Philip is excited to help ignite curiosity and creativity in the context of community to new generations through Blue School.

Chris Wink, Co-Founder, Founding Board Member

Chris Wink is one of the co-founders of Blue Man Group and currently serves as the Chief Creative Officer for Blue Man Productions. Wink originally joined forces with Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton to find a creative outlet for their shared interests in percussion, technology, art, and comedy. These experiments led to the various Blue Man Group productions that have now appeared in venues all over the world. Wink’s work with Blue Man Group and Blue School has led him to explore techniques for enhancing the creative process. He has lectured on this subject before numerous organizations such as Harvard University, McKinsey and Co, and the NeuroLeadership Institute.